Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sashay! Shante!

Well folks this weekend started out with a little bit of "work turn to the left....work, now turn to the right! (Thanks RuPaul)

Yes my little ones were in a fashion show. They each made their modeling debut Saturday morning for the cute children's line CocoBonBons (shameless plug). Fortunately for both of them the attendance mostly consisted to only the parents who had children in the show, because let me tell you there was no- "Making love to the camera" on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Of course my son who is 7 was like "Gaaahh Mom do I really have to" (visualize extreme pain and agony) I know what you are all saying......Yes it was somewhat cruel punishment on my part. Well let me tell you he did his thing on the runway alright, he worked his Attitude. There was no cute be bopping, no smiling, NO LOVE!!! In fact he looked down right angry. Needless to say I will never make him do anything like that again. I ended up giving him 3 prizes that day to try and make it up to him.

Now let's talk about our sassy little girl. Yes, the one that prances around the house dancing and singing. The one that always has to be center stage. Complete meltdown. Crying, sobbing, boo whooing. She was frozen stiff. Couldn't even go out there. Yes she had stage fright!!!!

The day wasn't a complete wash. Bonus - we got to keep the super cute outfits that they modeled and there was a lot of fun stuff for them to do after the fashion show. The morning ended up being a lot of fun and a learning experience.....my children will probably not be supermodels. Oh well it could be worse.

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